5 Best times to convince family to prepare
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5 Best times to convince family to prepare

5 Best times to convince family to prepare

convince family to prepare in September, national preparedness month
Use the whole month of September to subtly sell your family members on the prepping lifestyle

Written by Dan vale
Baltimore Prepper Examiner

Some family members are not convinced of the value of prepping, and some family members even are resistant to prepping. This article will discuss the strategy behind the 5 best times to convince family to prepare

With resistant family members, “stealth prepping” tactics might be the best approach, at least until family members are more receptive. Preppers, for example, could use National Preparedness Month in September to convince family members that prepping is a national movement, and not just a peculiar habit of their parent or spouse. One “Stealth prepping” tactic would be for preppers to leave open, on the living room coffee table, a partially read magazine or newspaper with an article about National Preparedness Month activities. They also could watch a TV program about National Preparedness Month and hope that family members would overhear portions of this program and maybe even join in the watching of it.

Another “stealth prepping” tactic is to use Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, and each Christmas to buy family members not only the gifts they want, but also gifts that could encourage them to become involved in prepping activities. An example might help to clarify this idea. If, on their birthdays, the children want video games, they would get them. They also would receive a present such as a trail bike or a set of weights that could help them get into good physical shape.

Getting into good physical shape is not only a good prepping practice, but also is important for the best development of children. Spending too much time in the fantasy world of video games can lead to video game addiction and childhood obesity.

Why then should preppers buy these video games as presents, if their children want them? Buying only the gift with the prepper payoff might be too obvious and could ruin the “stealth prepping” approach. If that happens, it will be much harder to sell them on prepping.

Selling a reluctant spouse also is easier to do with Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts. If a wife loves to cook, a prepper might buy her a solar oven, along with whatever gift she has indicated that she wants. If the husband is reluctant to embrace the prepper lifestyle, his wife could buy him a car top carrier that could be useful not only during a bug out, but also during family trips such as vacations.

Everyone likes presents, and maybe receiving presents during these times would inspire family members to become more involved in prepping activities.


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