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Best Redundant Equipment For Traveling

Best Redundant Equipment For Traveling


Written by Dan vale
Baltimore Prepper Examiner

Redundant Equipment For Traveling: Image of carPreppers will travel in their cars for many reasons. Any travel, including commuting to work or bugging out, can become dangerous if their cars become inoperable on the road.

Depending upon the number of calls they receive, road service companies such as AAA might take a long time to respond to road assistance request calls. Also, traffic congestion or poor directions could keep family members from quickly reaching and helping their stranded loved ones.

During this long wait, these vulnerable drivers could be exposed to dangers such as careless drivers, hypothermia, heat related illnesses, carbon monoxide poisoning, or even predatory criminals. This list of  redundant equipment for traveling can help stranded drivers to fix minor problems and to quickly become mobile again.

Redundant equipment for travel: flat tire repair systemFlat tire repair system

As a first example of the value of redundant equipment, consider a frail senior citizen who might not be able to fix a flat tire, especially during bad weather. That is when an automatic flat tire repair system could be good redundant equipment to have in a car. Using this equipment also will be much simpler and faster for any driver than will be the changing of a flat tire.

Portable Battery Charger: Redundant Equipment For TravelingPortable Battery Charger

As a second example, a portable battery charger can charge a dead car battery without having to use jumper cables to connect the dead battery to the live battery of another car. This advantage means that the stranded motorist will not have to wait for another motorist who is willing to stop and to help. Such a motorist might never stop. An even worse scenario would be an offer of “help” from a predatory criminal who pretends to be a Good Samaritan.

Car Bike Carrier: Redundant equipment for travelingCar Bike Carrier

A third example of valuable, redundant equipment might be to have a trail bike mounted on a car bike carrier. When necessary, a trail bike can be walked or carried over or around obstacles that are on the road. If roads are not passable for cars after a natural disaster such as a hurricane or tornado, a commuter might be able to make it home by using a trail bike. The bike might be mounted only when there when a weather threat seemed possible.

Headlamp: Redundant equipment for travelingHeadlamp

A fourth example would be a headlamp for use when one person needs both hands for activities such as reading maps, working on a car engine, or changing a flat tire. When there are two people available, however, a headlamp is not always as necessary. One person can shine the flashight for the person who is dealing with the problem. Any person with a headlamp should not look directly at another family member for fear of temporarily blinding that family member on a busy highway.

Roadmaps: Redundant equipment for travelingRoad Maps

A fifth example of valuable, redundant equipment might be up to date road maps. Motorists can use these maps if GPS units or smart phone apps are not working. Preppers should make sure that the younger members of their families, who might have grown up with GPS units, know how to read road maps.


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