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5 best Prepper sites

5 best Prepper sites


Written by Matt Cole

With multiple methods of communication, via the online media I had to confine the search criteria in order to weed out many of the available sites and blogs. I was surprised how many were actually culled due to not having a forum, or being updated.

Since there is literally hundreds of “prepping” media outlets, we cannot possibly identify every avenue. Some well-known outlets primarily utilize YOUTUBE, while others dedicated in forums only.

How can one possibly identify the best Prepper sites?

Here are the required criteria I used to narrow down those websites we are most interested in.

1) The website should have Videos for those visual learners, as well as articles. I am looking for a site to provide the means to watch as well as print off the information.

2) The website needs to be active with new information as well as an active forum. The site should be kept up with articles to keep visitors returning as well as an active forum in order for participation and knowledge share to take place.

3) The website platform should be easy to navigate through. We are not looking for a rest stop of ads or hockshop. However, the website should provide a clean template, and easy navigation for us to quickly acquire the information we are looking for.

So here is my list of 5 best prepper websites in no certain order.

1) American Preppers Network.
This site is loaded with articles, videos, podcast, as well as free downloads. The site is
http://americanpreppersnetwork.com, while the forum is http://www.americanpreppersnetwork.net.
American Preppers Network met the criteria, I was looking for.

2) Survival Monkey
This site surprised me. Not your normal WordPress templates being used. However, the forums were very active, providing resources, material and interesting discussions.

3) Modern Survival Blog
Good clean template to easy navigate. The site boasts 22.7 million visitors so far.

4) The Survival Podcast
Can’t leave Jack Spirko off this list. His site meets the criteria, and provides a clean easy to navigate website.

5) The Survivalist Prepper
The site was born in 2013 and is very clean. The forum is found at http://forums.survivalistprepper.net . The couple running the website provides a podcast, videos, and informative articles.

While some will not agree with my choosing, that’s OK. I want to hear your favorite sites. I was surprised with my findings,  using my criteria.  Hopefully, I provided a couple of sites you haven’t checked out yet.

There is a tremendous amount of information to be gleamed from all the sites I combed through, while writing this article. I will probably write a post on a few, I really liked at my personal website.

Keep in mind, information weighs nothing and the more we can acquire, the better we will be when TEOTWAWKI (The end of the world as we know it) hits us.

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