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5 best smoke alarms

Written by: Exclnt Writer What are the best smoke alarms? Often, I have received this question from a number of homeowners who not only want to protect their homes, but their loved ones too.  Smoke sensors are designed to detect smoke during fire outbreaks at home.  These alarms use a wide variety of sensing technologies […]

5 best herbs for weight loss

Written by:  Cordial Writer Losing weight can be a difficult and painstaking task if a person relies only on crash dieting and heavy exercise.  A crash diet may help you reduce weight but it makes the body deficient of essential nutrients and makes it more fragile.  For fast burning of body fats to lose weight, herbal […]

5 best ways to stay healthy

Written by Exclnt Writer A recent study has indicated that most deaths across the world are caused by diseases such as cancer, lung disease, heart disease and injuries. Quite often this diseases can be prevented by simply improving your health habits which positively impacts the overall quality of one’s life.  Below are 5 best ways […]

5 best ways to save money

Everybody wants to save money by all means. Whether it is by forgoing an exotic vacation or denying themselves 10 dollars a week, they are willing to sacrifice. One of the biggest challenges of saving money is consistency. Most people start but end up using the savings before they can even accumulate. Here are 5 best […]

5 Best Electric Cars Of 2015

Written By Aurorean Everyone has their favorite dream car, pictured usually has a sleek physique and a mean engine. A rising few are adding eco-friendliness to their list as well. Let’s take a look at the best electric cars of 2015 available for environmentalists now. 1. Tesla Model S Price: US$106,000 Tesla is the latest car […]

5 Best Free Ebook Websites

Written By Aurorean If you don’t want to spend money on books and can’t make it down to the library, then check out these 5 best free ebook websites which embody the sentiment that knowledge should be free for all. 1. Project Gutenberg This ebook resource was started in 1971 by a then student at […]