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5 Best Exercises for Preppers

Written By Dan vale Baltimore Prepper Examiner The most likely injuries that preppers, if they are out of shape, would face during an emergency are probably strained muscles or sprained ligaments. When such a strain or sprain happens to a muscle or ligament of the spinal column, the injury can be especially disabling. An even […]

5 best herbs for weight loss

Written by:  Cordial Writer Losing weight can be a difficult and painstaking task if a person relies only on crash dieting and heavy exercise.  A crash diet may help you reduce weight but it makes the body deficient of essential nutrients and makes it more fragile.  For fast burning of body fats to lose weight, herbal […]

5 best ways to stay healthy

Written by Exclnt Writer A recent study has indicated that most deaths across the world are caused by diseases such as cancer, lung disease, heart disease and injuries. Quite often this diseases can be prevented by simply improving your health habits which positively impacts the overall quality of one’s life.  Below are 5 best ways […]

5 Best Anti-Cancer Foods

An anti-cancer diet is a vital plan we can use to reduce the risk of cancer.  The recommendation given by American Cancer society stipulates that we should eat at least five fruits and vegetables daily and eat the adequate amount of food in a balanced and right proportion to stay healthy.  Furthermore, researchers are identifying […]

5 Best Anti-Aging Foods

Recently, the demand to look younger and smart has increased intake of natural foods.  This article will show you the 5 (five) best natural anti-aging foods that will improve your outlook. The foods we eat affect our aging process. As stated, below are the 5 best anti-aging foods which have to be included in our diet to delay […]