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Best Redundant Equipment For Traveling

Written by Dan vale Baltimore Prepper Examiner Preppers will travel in their cars for many reasons. Any travel, including commuting to work or bugging out, can become dangerous if their cars become inoperable on the road. Depending upon the number of calls they receive, road service companies such as AAA might take a long time […]

5 best tankless water heaters

Everyone wishes to save money.  One of the easiest ways of saving money is by use of tankless water heaters which reduce the cost of energy by 20 to 30 percent.  Below are five best tankless water heaters you can use in order to achieve your objective of saving money.  This listing is based on […]

5 Best Water Filters

Written by Matt Cole As any prepper will tell you, water ranks the top three necessities. They drill this fact into you, “you can survive up to three weeks without food, but only three days without water”. This requirment is such a priority, books have been created for water alone. No surprise considering the human body is about 60-70% […]

5 Best Alcohols to Stockpile

Written by Matt Cole Alcohol has been around for thousands of years. The task of fermenting grain, fruit juice and honey are the primary staples to create alcohol or ethanol. History of Alcohol Evidence of alcoholic drinks has been found in China around 7000 B.C. additionally, alcohol usage was found in India 3000 to 2000 […]

5 Best Coupon Sites

  Written by Matt Cole The Prepper and/or Homesteader can find discounts and coupons benefiting their budget.  Every family feels the pinch as food costs continue to increase, while wages remain stagnant.  The uses of coupons help offset some of those costs.  In this article I cover five best coupon sites the prepper/homesteader can use. […]

5 Best Exercises for Preppers

Written By Dan vale Baltimore Prepper Examiner The most likely injuries that preppers, if they are out of shape, would face during an emergency are probably strained muscles or sprained ligaments. When such a strain or sprain happens to a muscle or ligament of the spinal column, the injury can be especially disabling. An even […]

5 best smoke alarms

Written by: Exclnt Writer What are the best smoke alarms? Often, I have received this question from a number of homeowners who not only want to protect their homes, but their loved ones too.  Smoke sensors are designed to detect smoke during fire outbreaks at home.  These alarms use a wide variety of sensing technologies […]

5 Best Pieces of Exercise Equipment For Preppers

Written By Dan vale Baltimore Prepper Examiner This article will discuss the 5 best pieces of exercise equipment and why they are the best for prepper families.  All of these pieces of exercise equipment are affordable, and preppers can even buy some of them at thrift stores such as the Salvation Army and the Goodwill.  Preppers […]

5 Best Herbal Remedies For Baldness

Written by:  Cordial Writer Excessive hair fall and baldness are such health issues that are haunting youngsters and elders greatly nowadays. Healthy hair not only makes a person’s physical appearance impressive, but also adds a lot of confidence in oneself.  But when hairs start falling at more than normal rate, which is about 100 hairs per […]

5 best herbs for weight loss

Written by:  Cordial Writer Losing weight can be a difficult and painstaking task if a person relies only on crash dieting and heavy exercise.  A crash diet may help you reduce weight but it makes the body deficient of essential nutrients and makes it more fragile.  For fast burning of body fats to lose weight, herbal […]