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“My love in books started at a very early age. Authors Robert E Howard, Piers Anthony allowed me to escape the reality around me and visit other worlds. Born in small town Poteau, Oklahoma, raised a country boy, married to the best wife, having two kids, I want to provide entertainment, with knowledge share in my books. Matt currently works full time in HealthCare IT, while working on a 2 books, as well as providing a Python Programming class to homeschoolers. Matt's current interest includes prepping, politics, and knowledge share to others, through his writing. <a href="http://mattcole.usMatt's Website #ThePlexusPrepper

5 Best Handheld Ham Radios

Written by Matt Cole In any situation, communication is critical. When Katrina hit in 2005, it was the ham operators than came to the rescue, while telephones and wireless services were disrupted.  Considered old technology, ham radio is anything but.  According to Wired magazine, over 700,000 licensed ham operators exist in United States as of […]

5 best Prepper sites

Written by Matt Cole With multiple methods of communication, via the online media I had to confine the search criteria in order to weed out many of the available sites and blogs. I was surprised how many were actually culled due to not having a forum, or being updated. Since there is literally hundreds of “prepping” media […]