5 Best alcohols to stockpile in case of disaster
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5 Best Alcohols to Stockpile

5 Best Alcohols to Stockpile


Best alcohols to stockpileWritten by Matt Cole

Alcohol has been around for thousands of years. The task of fermenting grain, fruit juice and honey are the primary staples to create alcohol or ethanol.

History of Alcohol

Evidence of alcoholic drinks has been found in China around 7000 B.C. additionally, alcohol usage was found in India 3000 to 2000 B.C. Even the bible makes reference of Noah drinking wine.

Fast forward to early America, moonshine was created for the purpose of creating alcohol. Since known to man, alcohol has been used for treating ailments, bartering, and pleasure.

As preppers, we stock useful items for hard times coming. We find alcohol to be part of that stockpile. Wine, spirits, and liquors are non-perishable drinks, making a great item to stock. But which is the best to keep on hand? Let’s look at 5 best alcohols to stockpile.

To answer this, we need to define the use of alcohol, and what to look for, when purchasing alcohol.

Identify the Alcohol

You need to look at the labels to view the percentage and proof of the alcohol. Additionally, we need to be conscience of the shelf-life for the alcohol. Your spirts and moonshine can last indefinitely, even if opened.

Beers and wines shelf-life will be determined by variables such as the bottle been opened, storage environment, and simply time.


Best alcohols to stockpileExpiration dates source: Eatbydate.com

Use of Alcohol

Alcohol has many uses from social to surgery applications. When looking at alcohol:

  • If the percentage is above 60 percent or the proof is above 120, then you can use the alcohol for surgery.
  • If the percentage is above 40 percent or the proof is 80, then you can use it for disinfecting wounds.

Cost of Alcohol

Keep an eye out and most stores selling liquor will have sales and discounts, especially around the holidays. Additionally, while it would be nice to have a stockpile of the higher brand liquors, in reality most cannot afford them, and for this article’s purpose, we are stocking for its use in bartering and other applications.

Those being said, check for the non-top brands, providing the same proof and percentage.

My list of the 5 Best alcohols to stock

  1. Everclear – commonly used in place of moonshine, with its high 151 or 190 proof makes this a liquor to keep for surgical needs. Some states will not allow the sale of Everclear. It has also been known to be used as fuel for vehicles or machines.
  2. Vodka – Sold in the United States with no less than 80 proof, makes it one of the best alcohols to have on hand.
  3. Bourbon – All bourbon is whiskey. However, for the liquor to be identified as bourbon, it requires at least 51% to be corn. Thanks to President Lyndon B. Johnson, this America native spirit ranks high for a bartering item.
  4. Rum – Made from sugarcane byproducts, rum makes my list as its uniqueness from bourbon and whiskey. This product has a history serving as a popular medium and economic exchange.
  5. Wine – The fermented grapes and other fruits ends the top five alcohol list. With its history for more than 1000 years, traces of wine has been found in Iran 7000-year-old wine jars, it’s bartering application will come in handy.

This is the list of the 5 best alcohols to stockpile. Do you agree, or have a better preference? I would like to know.  Leave your comments or suggestions below.

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