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Five best events can help neighbors to become better acquainted

Written by Dan vale Baltimore Prepper Examiner When neighbors become better acquainted with each other, they will be more likely to cooperate well with each other during a disaster. Unfortunately, many neighbors do not know even the names of their neighbors. Five yearly events, however, can best give neighbors an opportunity to become acquainted with […]

5 Best times to convince family to prepare

5 Best times to convince family to prepare

Written by Dan vale Baltimore Prepper Examiner Some family members are not convinced of the value of prepping, and some family members even are resistant to prepping. This article will discuss the strategy behind the 5 best times to convince family to prepare With resistant family members, “stealth prepping” tactics might be the best approach, at […]

5 Best Handheld Ham Radios

Written by Matt Cole In any situation, communication is critical. When Katrina hit in 2005, it was the ham operators than came to the rescue, while telephones and wireless services were disrupted.  Considered old technology, ham radio is anything but.  According to Wired magazine, over 700,000 licensed ham operators exist in United States as of […]

5 best Prepper sites

Written by Matt Cole With multiple methods of communication, via the online media I had to confine the search criteria in order to weed out many of the available sites and blogs. I was surprised how many were actually culled due to not having a forum, or being updated. Since there is literally hundreds of “prepping” media […]

5 Best Water Filters

Written by Matt Cole As any prepper will tell you, water ranks the top three necessities. They drill this fact into you, “you can survive up to three weeks without food, but only three days without water”. This requirment is such a priority, books have been created for water alone. No surprise considering the human body is about 60-70% […]

5 Best Coupon Sites

  Written by Matt Cole The Prepper and/or Homesteader can find discounts and coupons benefiting their budget.  Every family feels the pinch as food costs continue to increase, while wages remain stagnant.  The uses of coupons help offset some of those costs.  In this article I cover five best coupon sites the prepper/homesteader can use. […]

5 Best Exercises for Preppers

Written By Dan vale Baltimore Prepper Examiner The most likely injuries that preppers, if they are out of shape, would face during an emergency are probably strained muscles or sprained ligaments. When such a strain or sprain happens to a muscle or ligament of the spinal column, the injury can be especially disabling. An even […]